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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  October 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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nevada: (( "it takes a lot of gall to criticize a country that you won't lift a finger to support." )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> the democratic nominee's attempt to pull the silver state not only for herself... but to hold harry reid's seat as well. ((dave courvoisier)) >> dna evidence cracks a cold case... but another revelation for detectives. what they found about this suspect that they didn't expect. ((tedd florendo)) weekend storms bring more wind and seasonably warm temps continue. we have a timeline of what to expect coming up on the valleys ((dave courvoisier)) the battle for the battle born state is intensifying... with yet another key campaign stop ahead of the final presidential debate at unlv. thanks for joining us live at 11... i'm dave courvoisier. denise has the night off. democratic nominee hillary clinton is in town tonight to try to rally her troops ahead of the big debate... with just weeks remaining in the race. politics now co-host patrick walker is in studio tonight to outline clinton's strategy.
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campaigns in las vegas... we've seen her rallying at union halls. but tonight... in what could be her last stop in the silver state other than next week's debate -- she went for a larger rally.... speaking in front of 35-hundred supporters outside the smith center. ((nats- cheyenne high school marching band plays)) ((patrick walker)) hillary clinton stumping in las vegas thursday... trying to shore up support in the silver state... and reaching out to voters on the lawn outs center. the former secretary of state spoke about strengthening the economy... but also went after her opponent... donald trump. ((hillary clinton/(d) presidential candidate: "las vegas, you know something about this, i don't know how you can lose a billion dollars running a casino.")) ((patrick walker)) the visit comes less than a week after her running mate... senator tim kaine... hosted a rally with the local carpenters union. clinton has a narrow lead over trump in nevada -- just over a point in an average of polls over the last 3 weeks.
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against him... as she tries to maintain her lead. ((hillary clinton/(d) presidential candidate: "he's not just insulted women, he's an equal-opportunity insulter, he's insulted everybody." )) ((patrick walker)) clinton also campaigned for democratic senate candidate catherine cortez masto. in a tight senate race... cortez masto has consistently polled behind republican congressman joe heck. but the margin is only a few points. and while heck has tried to distance himself from donald trump as of late... cortez masto called the move disingenuous. ((catherine cortez masto/(d) us senate candidate: "the only reason congressman heck is un-endorng political career, it's a desperate move to save his political career.")) ((patrick walker)) but is it enough to move the needle in the polls? both candidates... urging supporters to get out and vote early... and trying to reach as many voters as possible. the election is now just 3 and a half weeks away. ((patrick walker)) >> another sign of how important nevada is to las vegas -- another high-profile surrogate is stumping in las vegas tomorrow. vice president joe biden is hosting an event at the culinary
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>> catherine cortez masto is appearing with high-profile democrats twice this week. is it enough to swing the polls in her favor? ((patrick walker)) >> the democratic party obviously sees this senate race as huge... trying to keep harry reid's seat in democratic hands. it's enough to have their presidential candidate share time on stage with her in the 11th hour. congressman heck doesn't do these types o and you will not see him at a trump event. but cortez masto has been to rallies... and demonstrations and marches... and the polls really haven't changed. of course the one poll that really counts is on november 8th./// ((dave courvoisier)) a protester was escorted out of tonight's rally... the man was wearing a shirt accusing former president bill clinton of being a rapist -- before it was removed.
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out. it's a sight that was more familiar to donald trump rallies early in the race... but late in the race we've seen similar incidents at hillary clinton's events./// ((dave courvoisier)) donald trump is dismissing the newest rumors levied against him as politically motivated. four women have now come forward accusing trump of touching them inappropriately... and the former miss arizona claims trump would enter pageant dressing rooms to look in on beauty queens in various states of undress. campaigning in florida, trump fo taking a shot at the g-o-p for not doing enough to promote his campaign: (( donald trump/(r) presidential nominee: "if we had a little help from our very weak leadership called republican leadership we'd be sailing like you'd never sailed before. these are weak people." )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> several ranking republicans, including governor sandoval and congressman joe heck have withdrawn their support of trump after private comments from 2005 about groping women came to light./// ((dave courvoisier)) and we want to remind you to
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congressman heck and former nevada attorney general catherine cortez masto. the debate starts at 7:00 friday night... right here on channel 8./// ((dave courvoisier)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters for all the races that matter to you... on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) the future of a proposed nfl stadium that could lure the oakland raiders to las vegas faces one of its biggest hurdles tomorrow -- the state assembly. state lawmakers will weigh arguments concerning the use of public funds to assist dollar project. mauricio marin and chris maathuis have team coverage for us tonight from carson city. ((mauricio marin: "behind me is the assembly chamber here in carson city where 42 members are expected to give the stadium proposal either a yes or a no thank you." )) ((mauricio marin)) public funders are asking the state to pitch in 750-million dollars to help pay for the cost with a nearly one percent hotel tax incrase. the stadium bill has passed the senate. now it moves to the assembly
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two-thirds of the votes to head to the governor's desk. there's been a lot of push for the project. but just today ahead of the vote--- the reno gazette journal came out as one of the biggest oppoents of this specific plan. the newspaper's editorial board says it's keeping taxpayers on the hook if enough revenue isn't generated. however---not everyone living in northern nevada agrees as long as it can benefit state programs like education. ((john tendeland/supports stadium proposal: "well actually i think we would fly down and do it up right and everything. and unlv is going to get something out of this so i think winners." )) ((cathy comegys/supports stadium proposal: "yeah we are all in favor of seeing the raiders where we can drive to see them and still maybe the advantage of a training camp here in reno." )) ((mauricio marin)) developers say about 13-million dollars would be generated for public education every year. ((mauricio marin/ "but before the assembly can get to the stadium bill they still have to look at the cop tax bill. they will need to approve that one or not. then that bill heads to the senate but right now i'm joined with 8 news now sports director chris matthius with what's
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chris: that's right tomorrow morning at about 8:30, mark davis is expected to show up. he's the owner of the raiders. he'll talk assembly group inside these doors right here." that'll be kind of interesting. of course we've talked a lot about this once in a lifetime opportunity for the city of las vegas to actually acquire an nfl franchise. lots' been said about the benefits to unlv but perhaps overriding all of that is the number of jobs. 14-thousand that would be created by this plan." )) stadium bill brings jobs file ((chris maathuis)) a lot of people in carson city are could be to have the raiders in vegas. others are more excited about something much bigger and more important that job creation. tommy white local labor union "it'll put us back to work it'll put our members back to work all the construction trades service employees back to work" ((chris maathuis)) at one time labor union construction jobs number nearly 6000 but then the recession hit eddie ramirez labor union las vegas it goes way beyond the raiders this is about jobs this is about creating a new economy ((chris maathuis)) the recession pound las vegas hard many left the state seeking work others the unthinkable
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people were not able to withstand the pressure of not working and took their lives" matt capalby the peaks advocacy group i lost two good friends to socio economic situation they were at work they were stressed they were not be able to provide for the family" ((chris maathuis)) sold his labors wait and wonder with jobs on the line the assembly has to only look down the strip to see that before t-mobile city center was the last major job in las vegas matt capalby the peaks advocacy group "and it's not just about the stadium or the convention center this will have a ripple of fact there are sm convention center and the stadium" ((mauricio marin)) now those workers are pretty creative they are big raider fans there also creative they got a couple of lasers they will shine up on the dome in the form of a football, if the bill passes that's right it could be a big day as possibly want to go to the governors office to be signed in carson city i'm maricio marin with chris maathuis ((dave courvoisier)) >> the assembly reconvenes first tomorrow morning. the senate will reconvene in the afternoon./// ((dave courvoisier))
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went unsolved for more than a decade... brandon mcguire was arrested this morning. he's being charged with a 2004 sexual assault case ... but police are also eyeing him for the death of a woman six years earlier near the oliver ranch. the link between the two crimes was first reported last october by the i-team. shakala alvaranga is live in the newsroom with a story you'll see only on 8 news now. shakala? ((shakala alvaranga)) >> dave, d-n-a evidence connected the two cases... but police weren't able to find a match in any data bases until now. investigators exactly what they needed ... when he was arrested a few months ago on a different charge. ((shakala alvaranga)) there he is: brandon mcguire. he's the man police say they've been looking for ... for years. (("you're talking about someone who probably thought they got away with it. you're talking about victims who have been going on for years waiting for that vindication, waiting to believe, waiting for justice." )) ((shakala alvaranga))
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accused of sexually assaulting a woman. detectives got their first look at the suspect back in 2004 ... security cameras capture a man buying food for a deaf woman he picked up. police say he drove her to kyle canyon road and sexually assaulted her at knifepoint. years later ... police still believed the attacker was still in town. (("we're hoping somebody might be able to look at it and say, hey, that's so and so, and we can got from there.")) ((shakala alvaranga)) ... the dna taken from the sex assault case ... it was an exact match taken from a 1998 murder scene. (("they are definitely linked. the same male deposited semen in both locations. no question about that.")) ((shakala alvaranga)) annie miller's bludgeoned body was found under a joshua tree off state route 159 near oliver ranch. (("with continued testing we may have additional that still linked to the same suspect." )) ((shakala
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a domestic violence incident. his dna was taken ... and matched the two cases. (("we had a pretty good investigation into the sexual assault and based on that we had probable cause. we actually arrested that subject this morning and we brought him and he has since been booked for the sexual assault.")) ((shakala alvaranga)) >> mcguire is being held on sexual assault and kidnapping charges. however, police say a murder case will take longer to put together. in /// ((dave courvoisier)) thank you, shakala. henderson police are asking for your help tonight... identifying this man. they say he's robbed several henderson businesses recently and believe he's responsible for a neighborhood carjacking as well. police say the man robbed the dairy queen on windmill parkway yesterday at gunpoint -- no one was hurt. the man is 40 to 50 years old... about five-foot-five or five-six... weighing about 160 pounds. he's balding with salt and pepper hair combed back.
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((dave courvoisier)) ufc's biggest star is finally making a comeback. who ronda rousey has in her sights for an epic fight at t-mobile arena... jon tritsch has that story just ahead in sports. and what are we looking at weather-wise, tedd?/// ((tedd florendo)) ((( strong winds bring high fire danger to some parts of the region, dave. we'll show you when those winds expect to kick up. coming up after this brief timeout
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ely on programs like social security are a draw on government. donald trump and congressman hardy -- divisive and dangerous.
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jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen and i approved this message. man: the tea party republicans in congress want to cut social security. woman: and danny tarkanian wants to join them. man: he is proud to call himself a "tea party radical." man: he wants to privatize social security...
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rity benefits on wall street. man: danny tarkanian would raise the retirement age... woman: just like the tea party republicans in congress. man: they would take away what we've paid for out of every paycheck. man:that's "tea party radical" for ya'. time for news you can use.. those samsung galaxy note 7 phones may be more dangerous
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thermally- insulated "return kits" to users who need to ship back the faulty smartphone. the kits come with a static shielding bag for the phone which goes into a small box. that goes into a slightly bigger box... and then into a shipping box. the kit also comes with safety gloves and assembly instructions./// ((dave courvoisier)) a new study is questioning just how accurate those wrist worn fitness trackers really are at monitoring your heart rate. researchers looked at four wearable wrist monitors watch.... testing them side by side with a heart strap monitor and an electrocardio gram. the apple watch was more than ninety percent accurate, while the fitbit was in the eighties in terms of accuracy and the other two were in between./// ((dave courvoisier)) amazon says it's planning to open brick-and-mortar convenience stores that offer fresh food. customers who are prime members will have the option to buy goods for later delivery. the company also plans to open sites for curbside pickup. no word yet on whether an amazon store will be built in the
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another major hurricane is brewing in the atlantic. hurricane nicole is now a dangerous category 4 storm with 130 mile per hour winds. it's on course to inflict serious damage on bermuda, tedd./// ((tedd florendo)) ((( more clouds today mixed warmed up above average again. looking close to 90 degrees with puts us nearly 10 degrees above average for this time of year. rain chances remain slim at this point as well even for mohave county as instability remains weak right now. ................................ ... .............. temperatures around the region warmed to low 90's for the east
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elevation. west side cooler in the high 80's; even cooler for kyle canyon in the 60 by late today. many neighborhoods remained above average for our highs and will stay that way through the next few days. ................. .................. ................... regional temps also remained extra warm from mesquite all the way down to laughlin as we jumped the 90's through plenty of neighbohroods. we're expecting many locales to stay that way for a few days before we s week with wind first then slightly cooler temps heading to the weekend. slight shower chances could return next week. .............. ..................... ................ radar showing high clouds moving through the region ahead of a trough but showers have been limited around the region. even conditions are quiter in mohave county where we did antcipate thunderstorm development and even that remains low for now.
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decreasing a little tomorrow. .. ............................. .... ................. here's the forecast. tonight expect a low near 70 and mild by morning under mostly clear skies. slight breezes through the evening but lighter winds by late and overnight. tomorrow expect a high of 89 degrees and staying above average again. clouds clear more tomorrow as we heat up again. ................................ ... ................... extended forecast shows mostly sunny to sunny skies a temps remain above average through the workweek, but do drop slightly by late week. we'll begin to see some breezy winds develop late week as well, but we still remain dry with slight shower chances returning early next week. we'll have another weather update coming up in a few minutes.
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under-dog but they are embracing that role this year ((jon tritsch)) >>unlv says they are ready to be the mountain west surprise we go to media day where the coach and players are wearing the colors for the first time but they are all in speaking of dazzling this rookie broke the ice..sports is next ((jon tritsch))
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the desert is where bad guys go when they want to make evidence disappear. but hiding the evidence won't help danny tarkanian. ...or all those fake charities he helped set up... ...or the scams against seniors he formed... or the $17 million judgment he never paid. he can try, but he can't make his record disappear. danny tarkanian: just a con man who can't bury the truth.
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basketball mountain followed by wolf pack and lobos... bulldogs..and in the can unlv possibly turn all these new players into a championship team critics wonder..well. they have to become a family
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structure as the strongest.. unlv's marvin menzies is relying on a family structure..both coach and first year rebel..uch-e.. about one another's the unlv family values poured out in scarlet and grey (uche ofoegbu/unlv: "before i got here, when coach menzies first got the job, it was a tough task. i didn't really know could really do something like that. but then you meet coach menzies and see why he got the talent he got in that short of time. when we got together, everyone started clicking real well." marvin menzies/coach: "we'll just continue to keep wi i'm going to look out for him for the rest of our life. anybody who plays for me and helps me support my family. i'm all in for the rest of their journey as long as i can help them. he knows that. he's heard that. that's one of the reasons he came.") ((jon tritsch)) ready..rested and returning to the up the hype machine for ufc 207 in las vegas on december 30th rousey will have
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the bantamweight title belt.. the last time rousey fought she suffered her first career loss to holly holm.. rousey was knocked out at ufc 193 in november of 2015 and has since admitted to being depressed and suicidal.. the future of her star power and career could hinge on this title shot at t-mobile conor mcgregor heaveed beverages at nate diaz in august..the nevada athletic commission tossed him a $150,000 he's thrown out the statement he'll never fight in nevada again.. the bombastic irishman o fighting in vegas... and then tweeted 2 days ago.."i get fined more than these bums get paid"... ((jon tritsch)) the game of the week is a force of the people..we wanted to know where you want us this friday night under the said give us liberty or give us death.. and we said.. we'll do better than that.. we'll give you coronado at liberty..friday night.. the undefeated patriots host the cougars..both teams have scored over 50 points in one game this year..we hope
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((jon tritsch)) who out there had anything figured out at age 19? at 19 i would celebrate if grandma slipped me 20 bucks at 19, hockey's number one overall pick austin matthews is celebrating the greatest nhl debut in history the first shot of the the first pick scorches the back of the net for the toronto maple leafs..that was 8 minutes into his career.. 6 minutes later..he'd steal the puck and score again... 2nd period..hello hat trick..this hockey thing is pretty fun..maybe he should see matthews scored a 4th time later in the period for the most prolific debut in nhl history.. toronto lost..but no one noticed kevin durant threw down a massive dunk tonight.. not in a preseason game..but courtside in a kid's $8 nachos.. durant actually asked the kid if he double-dipped..the fan passed..and durant didn't miss the opportunity to get a snack and make the little warrior's day ((dave courvoisier)) our strange stories for wednesday right after this.///
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we all know you have to work together in order to get things done. but in washington, too often joe heck has been part of the problem, putting his party and special interests before nevada. i'm proud of my work with the bush and obama administrations on homeland security. and every bill i sponsored as attorney general was passed by democrats and republicans. i'm catherine cortez masto. i approve this message because i'll work with anyone
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((dave courvoisier)) a nebraska man couldn't get in touch with his grandmother after hurricane matthew ripped through florida... so he hired someone to do it... the pizza delivery man. the delivery guy didn't realize he was doing a wellness check. special instructions for the order said to call a phone it was the grandson's number. grandma was just fine... but she was confused at first because she didn't order a pizza./// ((jon tritsch)) an alabama couple's decision to have some trees removed from their backyard led to a strange discovery... a 1989 auburn s-e-c championship ring wrapped around a root of a tree. it's since been traced back to steve brown -- he played linebacker for the tigers from 1987 to 1990. brown says it was stolen years ago. here's where it gets weirder... brown is an arborist -- he's literally a tree surgeon! the
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((tedd florendo)) a former houston 9-1-1 operator is accused of hanging up on several people calling in emergencies. her reasoning? "ain't nobody got time for this". that's what one caller claims crenshanda williams told him. several others have similar stories. she now faces a misdemeanor charge of interference with an emergency call./// ((dave courvoisier)) that's all for us live at eleven. colbert is next with jessica alba and george takei.
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